Thursday, January 19, 2012

SEVEN more days

EEPS! I can't believe that I'm going to have a baby soon, God willing! I just got back from my 39 week appointment. Dr says I'm 1.5-2cm dilated (!!!) and 50% effaced. She thinks I'll be right on time and if I'm late she said only for a couple days. I can't believe that potentially this time next week I could be in the hospital. O.o

I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions (basically practice contractions) pretty regularly now and the doctor says just call the hospital when they start hurting. yippeee! I'm thankful that the baby is in a good position and ready to come out! Please pray for a smooth labor and delivery! Thank you!!

Taken today at 39 weeks!

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  1. You are a BEAUTIFUL preggo! I guess I've been a little out of the loop- didn't know you were so close to being a mommy. My prayers are with you as you patiently wait through these last few days (or weeks, but hopefully days) and dive into your new life as a mom. You are Richard will be amazing parents! So glad you've have such a smooth pregnancy!